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          Czarina has been performing on stage since the early age of seven. Trained in Polynesian, popular, Latin and Belly Dance, she is a cultural explosion.  

          Czarina has been belly dancing since 1995.  She has studied from local and international belly dance instructors including Beata Zadou, Delilah, Hadia, Horacio, Raqia, Suhaila and Yasmeena Ramzy.  Currently, she teaches belly dance and world dance aerobics throughout Greater Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

          She is the librarian for the Middle Eastern Dance Association which supplies her with endless knowledge about the dance form.

          She produces international dance shows on theatre. The shows she produced in 2001 include Forbidden Dances and Pandora’s Box Legacy of Shame.

          She has travelled to Morocco three times and Egypt twice to learn more about the culture and the dance form. You can share some of her experiences through the Stories and Gallery sections.

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